Concept Premium Brush & Comb Set
Concept Premium Brush & Comb Set
Concept Premium Brush & Comb Set

Concept Premium Brush & Comb Set

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For a LIMITED time only we are giving away our Concept Comb & Brush set for FREE!

To look the best, you need to use the best tools! We are only giving away 100 sets. Don’t miss out!

Simply add the set to your cart, help us cover the shipping and we will send out the comb & brush set to you right away! 

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Concept Premium Styling Brush

The Concept Premium Styling Brush is the greatest brush you will ever use for all purpose hair styling!

Made for any hair texture and length, the Concept Premium Styling Brush helps you create amazing hairstyles with crazy control and comfort.

Nine rows of high-quality bristles and cushioned base make this brush a must have in EVERY guys grooming arsenal. And the brush slides off of the handle for easy cleaning too!

Best for medium to long hair.


Concept Premium Classic Comb 9"

The Concept Premium Classic Comb is our updated version of the classic black comb that our dads and grandfathers used to style their hair.  

We have taken this timeless classic and given it a modern makeover with a slim/sleek design. And instead of cheap old plastic, we have built this bad boy out of a high-quality acetate for greater control and a sturdier feel.  

This comb is the best comb you'll ever use and will look great sitting proudly next to your other Concept products!
Perfect for all hair lengths and textures.

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